Out to the Family

Watch a clip of the film here:

Narrated by Felix Dexter

As teenagers develop into adults, it is natural for them to question their sexuality. This can be extremely painful for some young people.

  • If they are attracted to someone of their own sex, they may be very anxious that people will discriminate against them
  • Any worries about gender identity, which may be present from an early age, become even more disturbing as children enter their teens.
Parents’ support is vital for these young people, who are often lonely, isolated and afraid. But many parents who discover their children are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) are shocked, confused and upset. Some react in the heat of the moment with grief, anger or even rejection. Later, they may deeply regret the damage caused to their family relationships.

The film shows six families, from a wide range of backgrounds, coming to terms with the developing sexual or gender identity of a son or daughter. It helps to explain the issues facing LGBT teenagers and shows how family acceptance and support can make all the difference for young people who may be at risk of serious – even life-threatening – social or mental health problems.

The pack includes a 15-minute animated film and a booklet. Suitable for young people, parents and teachers, it will raise awareness and help to begin a discussion in the family, in a group, or at school.

Produced with financial assistance from the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, and Leeds City Council.
(2008, 15 minutes)