Beyond Belief

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Narrated by Muriel Gray

This short animated film looks at the impact of child sexual abuse on families, and at how parents and carers can support children who have been abused.

BEYOND BELIEF shows parents and carers from different backgrounds dealing with a variety of situations, including sexual abuse of children by family members, other known adults, and strangers. The film encourages adults to listen to children, believe what they say, and take responsibility for protecting them. It stresses children's ability to recover from these difficult experiences, provided that they are cared for, supported, and helped to understand that they are not to blame for the abuse.

BEYOND BELIEF looks at the pressures on parents and carers in this stressful and isolating situation, and shows them working out strategies for coping and finding help.

This film is suitable for a wide audience, but is primarily designed for parents and carers supporting children who have experienced sexual abuse. It is also a useful training tool for professionals working with children and parents.

BEYOND BELIEF is also available in German and Greek.

Made with financial assistance from: the European Community Daphne Programme, Leeds City Council Department of Leisure Services, Leeds Joint Planning Special Grants Programme and the Allen Lane Foundation.
(2003, 13 minutes) (Other languages available: Greek, German)