Bridging the Gap

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Narrated by Michael Rosen

Welcome to the Generation Gap: an area with an often stormy climate and some interesting inhabitants - parents, for instance... and teenagers...

BRIDGING THE GAP, a 12-minute animated film, offers a funny and thought-provoking guide to the communication difficulties that can arise between parents and their teenage children. The film shows people from a wide range of backgrounds dealing with everyday situations. It indicates different ways of coping with changes in the family, and stresses the importance of learning to listen and to negotiate.

Taking a positive outlook on young people and families, the film shows how parents and teenagers can learn to see things from each other's point of view. The pack is designed to provide a focus and an opportunity to talk more freely, about real or potential areas of conflict. Developing communication and relationship skills in the family is known to help avoid crises such as teenagers leaving home prematurely or getting involved in crime.

Combining humour with a non-judgmental approach, while also acknowledging the seriousness of the problems many people face, this is a valuable resource for those working with families. Suitable for young people, parents and teachers, it will raise awareness and help to begin a discussion in the family, in a group, or at school.

A booklet containing background information is supplied free with the DVD.

Made under the terms of the Film Workshops Declaration, with financial assistance from the Home Office Family Support Grant Programme and Leeds City Council Department of Leisure Services.
(2001, 12 minutes)