Dads Inside and Out

Watch a clip of the film here:

Narrated by Paul Usher

A lot of prisoners are also fathers. This short animated DVD pack looks at the difficulties facing fathers and stepfathers in prison, and their children. It deals with the effects of imprisonment, and how parents can help children to cope.

Many prisoners lack confidence in themselves as parents. They often feel they can do nothing for their children while they are in prison. The film stresses that a father can still make a big difference while he is inside, and any effort he makes will be worthwhile.

Having a father in prison causes problems for children, who may feel they are being punished too. Staying in contact is not easy, but children urgently need to know that their fathers still care about them. Prisoners who learn parenting skills may also have a happier home life on release and are more likely to stay out of trouble.

In a positive and humorous way, the film shows how prisoners and their families can deal with problems such as what to tell the children, how to keep in touch, handling visits, learning communication skills, negotiating with partners, and adjusting to release.

DADS INSIDE AND OUT is designed for prisoners and their families, in groups or at home. It also provides a resource for professionals and volunteers working inside and outside of prison.

Made with financial support from Department for Education and Skils and arts@leeds, Leeds City Council.
(2004, 13 minutes) (Other languages available: Greek)