Minding the Baby

Watch a clip of the film here:

Narrated by Michael Rosen

The birth of a baby will change its parents' relationship completely. Nothing can fully prepare people for the change in their lifestyle, but this film aims to help parents see each other's point of view and work together to understand what they want as individuals, as partners, and as a family. There may be problems around changing roles, tighter budgets, styles of parenting, and increased housework.

In a humourous and positive way the film shows the fears, joys and misunderstandings of five couples from different backgrounds, from pregnancy and throughout the first year of the baby's life. The film shows that it's important to look after the adult relationship as well as taking care of the baby, and offers practical ways to improve communication and develop negotiating skills.

MINDING THE BABY is designed for couples who are planning, expecting, or have a new baby, and also for professionals or volunteers in healthcare and social services.

Developed in consultation with Relate.

Made with financial assistance from the Marriage and Relationship Support Grant Programme at the Department for Education and Skills, and arts@leeds, Leeds City Council.
(2005, 15 minutes)