Teenage Grief

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Narrated by Lenny Henry

Teenagers already have to cope with huge changes in themselves and their lives. Adjusting to the death of a close friend or family member at the same time may feel like too much for them to handle.

For parents whose children are starting to look grown up and to behave independently, it can be difficult to know when they need to be left to deal with things on their own, and when they need support. Teenagers often keep quiet about their intense feelings. They may become anxious or aggressive. Some begin to take risks and get into trouble.

This short animated film contains six separate episodes about young people, from a wide range of backgrounds, facing different kinds of bereavement.

  • Adam's grandmother is elderly and dies in hospital
  • Emily's mother dies after a long illness
  • Nasreen's father has a sudden, fatal heart attack
  • Marcus sees his sister killed in a road accident
  • Laura loses a friend through suicide
  • Nathan's mother is murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

The pack, which includes a 13-minute DVD and booklet, aims to help parents and others understand the ways young people grieve, and how best to support them. It is suitable for parents, families, groups and classes.

Developed in consultation with the Childhood Bereavement Network, Family Care Nottingham, the University of Leicester School of Education, and COPE - The Laura Centre, Leicester.

Download free training materials to be used with this film here.

Produced with financial assistance from the Parenting Fund/DfES, and Healthy Leeds Special Grants Programme.
(2007, 13 minutes)