Out to Lunch

Watch a clip of the film here:

Set in a cafe, OUT TO LUNCH shows a series of incidents between women and men which will be familiar to us all. At the different tables we see women listening while men expound their opinions. Men take up all the space and time they need while women apologise for getting in their way. Different incidents concern black women, women who are fat, and lesbians, but they all share the common experience of being expected to 'keep to the rules' in their talk, appearance and behaviour.

The film brings together themes of language and space to show how women's lives are constrained by male expectations. It explores such diverse topics as the slimming industry, building design and images in the media to show how women's style is cramped and her space limited.

Witty and thought provoking, this film will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to confront the ways in which sexism is perpetuated in our everyday lives.

A leaflet containing discussion notes and a resource list is supplied free with the DVD.

(1989, 12 minutes)