Crops and Robbers

Watch a clip of the film here:

This eye-opening film tells 500 years of world history in 15 minutes.

We see an animated game of chance played across continents and down the centuries to the present, as crops contend with robbers, and the violent repercussions still affect all of us today.

Complex issues are brought vividly to life through a combination of cartoon and live action. This is not just a story of sugar, coffee, and potatoes: it also shows how food aid and trade are bound up with exploitation, slavery, colonialism and the roots of racism.

At a time when 500 million people do not get enough to eat, we need to understand more about world hunger. This imaginative film questions many assumptions, and points out the connections between surplus and famine, past and present, international and local events.

Crops and Robbers aims to stimulate discussion and provoke questions about history, geography, trade, aid and justice.

A booklet giving background information comes free with the DVD.

(1986, 15 minutes) (Other languages available: Italian)